Autonomy Vs. Shame and Doubt

I exist, and I find it nauseating.

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It makes me wonder, how many times had I forgiven you purely over fear of losing you, even when you don’t at all deserve my forgiveness?
- 8:18pm 25/7 (via serenityandparadise)

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don’t worry love, I hate myself more than you ever could.
- 10:38pm (via serenityandparadise)

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Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.
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*puts my ipod on shuffle and skips every song until i get one i was hoping for*

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do you ever want to punch yourself in the face for liking someone a lot

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do u wanna cuddle naked yes or yes 

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Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall


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why on earth am I still inlove with you, you little piece of shit?!

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How beautiful is it that someone could make your heart beat so fast when you don’t want it to beat at all.
- Ocg (via heavyeyesignite)

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You have to learn how to care about people without taking on all of their problems.
- Phylicia Rashād in The Cosby Show (1987)

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Don’t call me more than once, you hear me?
When you do, I’ll hear it ring and I’ll let it go.
Don’t forget to leave a message. Breathe
so the static catches onto your lungs and
makes that silvery rasp I love.

Tell the silence you need me. Tell it you’ll be fine
if I don’t need you back. Tell it you remember
the way I smoked like everyone was watching,
like every kiss was the one before quitting.
Tell it you miss me. Tell it you’re not lying.
Stop when the beep sounds.
- Ramna Safeer, Instructions For Him (via larmoyante)

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You have witchcraft in your lips.
- William Shakespeare, Henry V - Act 5, Scene 2 (via larmoyante)

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That was the thing. You never got used to it, the idea of someone being gone. Just when you think it’s reconciled, accepted - someone points it out to you, and it just hits you all over again, that shocking.
- Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever (via larmoyante)

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